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A 17 year-old boy was recently referred to Nightstop. Although he himself had no issues, his mother suffered from depression and told him to leave home. Not knowing where to go, he spent two nights in the garden sleeping in his sisters Wendy House. He only had the clothes he‘d left in. During his stay with Nightstop he spent his days trying to sort out a shared tenancy. Eventually they were given an unfurnished flat and between the Arches Project, run by Trent Vineyard and a generous host, we were able to provide them with most of the furniture and equipment they needed. They were extremely grateful and said they would never forget the generosity of our hosts.

A young lady from Angola was fleeing from domestic violence. She had no family or friends in the UK. The only member of family was her mother who lived in Angola, but as she was an alcoholic the young lady felt she could not return home. With nowhere to go, she had been sleeping in the doorway of McDonalds. She was referred through to Nightstop and on the first night, being shown her bedroom, she was so overwhelmed that someone could be so kind to give her, she began to cry. All the hosts remarked on how friendly, kind and appreciative she was; they found her a true delight!


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