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58i has a number of core values which shape who we are and what we do.

We are Christian - we are motivated to serve others through our Christian faith.  We believe Christians are called to serve the marginalised without discrimination or any conditions.

We are justice seeking - we believe that it is important not only to meet the immediate needs of individuals and communities, but also to ask deeper questions by tackling the issues and systems that restrict change.  We try to outwork this in our work with individuals.  As we continue to develop, we are seeking opportunities to uphold justice for groups of people/communities.

We are people focussed - we believe all people are unique, created and loved by God.  Our work is entirely focussed around making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals, helping all those we serve to reach their potential.  We aim to treat everyone involved in our work - whether client, volunteer, staff, donor, partner or supporter - with the dignity they deserve.

We strive for excellence - very simply, we believe that the poor and marginalised whom we serve deserve the best. We are committed to working towards excellence in all we do - including in our projects, our care for volunteers and staff, in the way we manage finances, in our openness and transparency and in our leadership.

We respond to needs - we are committed to listening and responding to the needs of the local people and communities we serve, using our resources in the most efficient and effective way possible.  We refuse to shape our services around the chase for funding, but rather seek to build services that meet genuine need and respond to changing requirements.