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Volunteering is a two way process. Of course first and foremost it's an opportunity to serve others - but as all our volunteers will testify, they get a whole lot out of it too.  Here's what a couple of them had to say...


Volunteer Hosts - Nottingham Nightstop

My wife and I began hosting for Nottingham Nightstop about a year ago. We heard about the scheme through church and had been thinking about homelessness and what we could do to help people for a while. Having both grown up in loving, stable homes we found the idea of being homeless as a teenager very upsetting and we felt Nightstop was something really practical we could do to help vulnerable young people facing this horrible situation.

We have hosted a number of young people and find they have a range of personalities from some who are very outgoing and will talk your ear off all night, to those who don’t feel like talking and would rather go to bed early. While we were initially a bit apprehensive about meeting strangers the thing that stands out is that they are just normal and without exception very friendly. It is easy to get lost in conversation and forget the situations they are in then they will say something that reminds you they have nowhere else to go and it can be heartbreaking.

Terry - CAP

‘As a businessman I have enjoyed times of success but also times of huge financial pressure. Having been in at the point of bankruptcy I fully understand the pressures facing the clients of CAP and their families. This is one of the reasons I volunteered to help in this project.

I have been a CAP volunteer for well over a year now.  I often accompany the CAP worker on home visits and provide follow-up support to clients.

For me the work provides an opportunity to put my faith into action, to meet people where they are at, to empathize with them and to help provide a service that genuinely offers the opportunity of a much brighter future. I find the work hugely rewarding, and I truly believe that none of the experiences we have in life are wasted, all of us can use them for the benefit of others.'